Photography: Eduard Hueber/ ARCHPHOTO


This two bedroom apartment is located in a converted loft building dating from 1881 near Gramercy Park in Manhattan. The design involved the complete remodeling of the apartment, including a new open plan kitchen with an island overlooking the living area.

The existing building fabric becomes part of the redesigned space in the form of an exposed cast iron column and an uncovered brickwork wall. These simple moves serve as tectonic reminders of the building's history while being juxtaposed with the modern fixtures and finishes that form the rest of the apartment.

Natural light is drawn into the hallway by inserting a glass clerestory over a new storage wall. Cabinetry in the living, kitchen and bedroom spaces is built into the walls to maximize storage areas while creating a fully integrated architectural solution throughout the apartment. Artificial lighting is discreetly added through light coves, recessed ceiling fixtures and under cabinet lights.

A warm, yet limited palette of materials include American walnut, limestone and bright red full height closet doors - located in the children's bedroom

Location: New York, NY

Date: 2004-2005

Size: 1200 sf.